Thursday, November 10, 2016


Almost the end of 2016, and have not updated this in 4 freaking years?

Might have to start back, before i loose all my memories.

And yeah its funny now looking backwards what I have written, no 1 to no 5? Really?

Will be back sooonnnnnnnnnnn

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sunday, October 23, 2011


My graduation gift, a gift from a very cool uncle of mine via me boss. Some say a very posh one. Yes indeed. It all started last january, he ask me, for your graduation gift, how about i send you to newcastle? stay there with fatma since she still studying there and all...then i arrange with fatma, the plan flip 360 degree. We change the 'newcastle+uk' visit to the europe trip! we have been planning this since february, booked all the flight/train/coach/cruise tix + hostel. and to conclude all, the trip was awesome, an eye opener for me, helps me rejuvenate from me life in kuala lumpur..and the end....

just kidding, hehe. i will try to wrote down here my journey. our journey. just two girls and basically europe!

the day before PARIS : ey, i was in the plane la kan? my flight depart from LCCT : 120am. i did not prepare anything to be in flight alone. i mean with books to read or any mp3 player. and there, me in the plane, slept after an hour of flight, awake with 3 hours remaining to be in PARIS. Ate nasi lemak on the plane. the last nasi , i found for the next two weeks. little did i realise.

at the waiting room

day one : PARIS

Arrive at Orly airport, 10.30am local time. a very long queue to get through the immigration. And met a few Malaysian student who are going to fly to Barcelona later. I did expect that Orly airport is small enough for me find Fatma waiting for me at the arrival hall. After 10 minutes if searching her, i get this panic of not knowing how to find her, see..i did not roam my phone. i didnt have her UK no in the phone-to use the public phone. and yeah? Panic? *think* I ask the information counter for any internet access in the airport, and yes there is. I copy her UK phone no from fb msg, then try to ctc her through fb. It cost me 2 euro for 15 minutes of internet access. Called her, but the number cannot be reach at the moment. *PANIC* i am hopeless already. I buy myself a bottle of peach tea and just sit *still panic* at the meeting point. After half an hour later, i saw FATMA, there she is, muka pasrah and all too. Little that we know that, ORLY *that small airport* has TWO terminal. Fatma waited for me at the north terminal, while im at the south terminal. We hug each other. And that panic mode slowly goes away.

From the airport we took a bus to get to the city, it took about 30 minutes, and the bus stop us at one the metro station. Then we took the metro, to get to our destination, Republique. Went a few round to get used to the road system and we did ask a handsome biker, how to get to our hostel. When we first start walking, it just started raining, by the time we reached at the hostel, we both all damp already. with the cold wind and all.   Our hostel is just one shoplot you can say..the room is so old school, like in the 60's? or this is just old  Paris?

note: the stuff, is not ours. we just arrive. :P

And little that we know again, the stuff belong to a guy. we were so shock to know that the management have mixed up. later they get the guy another room. We did have this 4 bedroom hostel to our self again.Actually, the check in time is 3pm, and we arrive there around 1pm...we only get to leave our luggage, and we went out to get get food. we already spotted a few kebab place while we were searching for our hostel earlier. Here it is...

kebab set cost us 4-5 euro, exclude the drinks, 
standard bottle drinks cost you 2 euro

The kebab portion is actually enough two people, i did not finish mine, and save it for later. We did not go back to the hostel afterwards, we decide to go seeing places first, since our travel time is limited until 7pm only. And yeah, just to be on the safe side, we did not go out after dark.

The first place we try to find is the Pompidue Center/ Museum of Modern Art. I am surprised that it is located in the middle of old shoplots rows. We are guided with a map for each of us, and try to find the way. It is not that hard if you know how to read the map. We both girls are proud to say that we survive Europe with a map. Hahahah Anyway, here is our journey to get to and at Pompidue Center..

The only thing i know about this building is all the exposed SERVICES, all the mechanical and electrical stuff. See, i did not learn that much at school about this building. sorry teachers! :P

There is one incident at this place actually, cut the long story short, we both kena 'pau' 15 euro. Malas nak kenang benda sedih ni.

Move on! We walk through this park, It is the the lourve if i am not mistaken, we thought we will be directed to the lourve (the glass pyramid that appears in any of movies captured in paris :P), but were not! 

Instead, we found this

Configuring the map *think think think* rupa-rupanya the last picture is the other side of the lourve. Manage to get there, but with so many people around, the pictures taken is not as what i imagine. Imagine aku sorang je travel time tu ke ape? hahaa

By this time, it almost 4pm i think. we continue walking through the city, the old paris, to find our next destination, the eiffel tower.

well people....that is not it for the story, its only half day in paris. I am away for 15 days, so go figure, how long this thing going to be....

and it is to be continue...i got stuff to do now...later :D